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Creative Melding of Old Mixed With New Pieces

My client had this beauitful green velvet chair that she was willing to move to another room or sell when we were completly re-doing her front room. But I loved the chair, and used it as an anchor for the new decor, and she is so happy it now greets everyone as one of the first things they see upon entering her home.

We also started looking for new art to go over her fireplace. But I re-purposed some pictutes she currently had making a collage over her fireplace with sentimental pieces that her family loves.

The new leather swivel chair has become a favorite spot to swivel to the fireplace, into a conversation or most likely looking out the big front window.

And lastly the mirror over the couch was one my client currently had and I think works pretty great, but may get touched up with some black paint sometime in the near future.