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Spa Get-Away Bathroom Retreat Renovation

Removing a shower from a bathroom is pretty radical, but for my lovely client who only takes baths in this bathroom that just she uses, we made her dreams come true by installing a Victoria + Albert claw foot freestanding tub. I did talk her in to adding a handheld shower head on a wall bar and someone could add a shower curtain at some point if so desired.

The three different tiles we used layered together beautifully but the floor tile and the secondary wall tile are just background to the stunning two-stone chevron marble wall tile. We wrapped most of the room to the ceiling in this high-end chevron cut patterened tile.

To add some earthiness and to save a bit of money we used a cement look large scale tile up to the same height as the tub where the more expensive chevron marble tile would be mostly hidden. For some additional texture and interest we also put it on the sink wall, side-to-side and up to the ceiling, surrounding the inset medicine cabinet.

The floor tile is also a matte finish adding another layer of earthiness.

The roughhewn 60 inch vanity adds richness and a lot of storage. The two pendant lights are set off beautifully hanging in front of the rough texture of the large scale cement look tile.

My client loves her dramatically different new bathroom that is an absolutely perfect retreat for her!